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I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist LMF93387  and my mission is to alleviate the psychological suffering associated with conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, insomnia, grief and loss, and postpartum depression. I have firsthand experience and understanding of what it is like to live in chronic pain and the struggles of day-to-day living. Together, you 
can I can work on how to live a meaningful life and be the person you want to be regardless of your pain. 

I also work with families with disabled children, a mission I’ve had since growing up with an older mentally retarded sister. Siblings are often overlooked when a family is stretched thin with the demands placed upon them. I can also support you, the parent, as you are often the last person to get any much needed support. 

I use non-judgmental interpersonal therapy, attachment therapy, and up-to-date cognitive tools and strongly believe in and employ the use of collaborative care with medical providers to enhance the treatment of my clients. I also believe that support is vital for family and close friends of mental health patients or chronic pain/illness patients. I have extensive clinical work and training in bereavement counseling working with children, adolescents, adults, families as well as caregivers to dying patients, and the patients themselves. 

I served as a volunteer and then as Vice President for the Postpartum Health Alliance, and continue to be active with women’s mental health. I am receiving post-graduate education in psychopharmacology, pain and its relation to mood, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, as well as chronic migraines, insomnia and mindfulness. I am currently working on research regarding stigma of “invisible” diseases, such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and pain disorders that cannot be diagnosed with standard medical tests.

I have a broad background: I first received an M.S. from Stanford University and was a practicing geologist for 5 years. Before I began my training for a career in therapy, I owned and ran a home-based video editing business while my children were younger. I have traveled extensively, both in my first career as a geologist, and as a tourist; when my pain allows, my hobbies include surfing, playing the drums, spending time with family, as well as movie/photo editing, music, movies and spending time with friends. 


To schedule an appointment with me please contact me at: 858-531-3795 or email me directly at
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